Thursday, 29 July 2010

Comic Con update

Update from Laura of the SOS team. Very promising, it looks like all the rip-away posters were taken and, not only did all the iTunes cards go, they are still receiving requests for them! They had a 1000 cards - that's a potential new 1000 fans! Hurrah, we are gaining more forces every day

"Posters & iTunes Updates
Just got a short report from our poster vendor, Street Virus. All the 500 posters were given away. 50% of them were distributed by hand, and 50% were posted at various locations in downtown San Diego. The feedback was positive. Street Virus will send pictures soon. Their posters are almost a plastic type material made to be outdoor so people love them.

Keep in mind we have 500 additional posters we'll distribute at DragonCon.

Re. the iTunes cards, we printed 1000 cards. Most of the cards were distributed at the CC freebie table, and some volunteers hand out some additional cards. All the 1000 cards are gone and we're now receiving requests via email for the free episodes every day. The iTunes offer is valid until *August 26*, which means we'll need to wait until then to see what the success rate is. This data point will be very useful for the next Con because we'll know how many cards we'll need to print in order to give away a given number of episodes."

Read her post here:


Hannah said...

Hi Hellsbells, I love your website and need to start checking it more frequently :) As per sot_fan LJ post about the iTune cards, the number episodes they can give away is 500. But 500 potential new fans is still pretty awesome.

Hellsbells said...

Thanks Hannah, that's great to hear :)
Re the iTunes card I just copied Sot_fan's post from the forums so I can't change the number unless she does.

Glad you like the blog!

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