Friday, 23 July 2010

Know the truth

Actually we did our part guys. Our goal was for Stations to see how much we love LotS and for them to be interested enough to make offers for the show.
And it happened. From here on it's all up to the corporate people to make it happen.

Don't get me wrong we still have to keep pushing at Directv and BBC and ABC, not because we can change their decision but because it would be easy for them to say "forget this show" if we all of a sudden disappear just because a bit of bad news came to light.
We made all this happen, but we can make it vanish in a second if we just give up. Thats why Lots fans must continue to fight.
Starz was just 1 grain of sand in a huge beach. How do we know that Directv and other station aren't fighting over there right now for Lots and while this is happening, instead of us being there supporting them, trying our best to make them notice us, we are still mad at ABC and Starz without knowing whats happening.

We could be destroying our chances by living in the road behind and not the path ahead. I know that we want news everyday, but its not gonna happen. Nothing will be said until things are final, Starz took a chance giving us some news and instead of good, it crushed our spirits. That's not gonna happen again.

All we need is one bit of news, the one bit of news that we have been fighting for since the beginning of this campaign, and that bit of news is that LotS will be picked up by...
So keep at it. Things are happening, Starz was proof of that. So we lost a tiny battle in this huge war - pick up your weapons and make an epic stand, it will all be worth it in the end.


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