Tuesday, 13 July 2010

More press for Seeker!

Freelance journalist Danielle TBD asked her Twitter followers which TV show she should review, and the overwhelming majority of answers was 'Legend of the Seeker'! Some of our very own Seeker babies are quoted in her article:

Why DanielleTBD Should Be Watching: 'Legend of the Seeker' Edition...

I watch a lot of TV. You all know that by now. But occasionally there will still be a show that slips by that I don't get into, either because I don't have time for it while it's airing or because it looks like it just wouldn't be my thing. When I can, often times years later, I go back through the DVD archives and give chances to the ones that have become more mainstream in popularity, as I did with LOST earlier this year, or the cult favorites, like Freaks & Geeks or Veronica Mars. Still, there are some that have evaded me nonetheless, so now My Life, Made Possible by Pop Culture is taking a look at those in a brand new column "Why DanielleTBD Should Be Watching." Whereas I am usually the one giving critiques on why you should watch something, this time I am turning it around and asking the fans of very specific programming why they think their favorite show is worth my review. And due to extremely overwhelming response* via Twitter when I first asked my followers on what show they wanted to see an editorial this summer, the debut of this column is with none other than Legend of the Seeker.

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here


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