Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Stay positive!

The news from Starz is disappointing yes, but it doesn't necessarily have to mean bad news for us. If they were outbid that doesn't hurt us at all, merely means someone offered more money.

THIS IS A GOOD THING. This means that ABCDisney are in active negotiations to sell.

And money is what talks to the networks. It doesn't make financial sense for ABCDisney to sit on the rights doing nothing, not when they will eventually revert back to Terry Goodkind. It might be a different story if they had permanent rights but they don't. So if they don't want to produce it themsleves it's in their best interests to sell them.
I also can't see that they would be holding onto them with the thought of a possible film, not if they see no value to the TV show.
For all we know our campaign has stirred their interest but they want to see what price others are willing to pay first.

Bottom line is that we don't know anything about what's going on behind closed doors. So don't be too disappointed and keep up the fight!

The JBC has a special campaign running this week, check here for details: http://community.livejournal.com/legendofseeker/758846.html


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