Monday, 30 August 2010

Confessed4Life´s new #LegendoftheSeeker fanfiction "In the Blood"

Title/Link: In the Blood
Chapter(s): 1 (COMPLETE)

Characters: Richard/Kahlan/Cara/Zedd/Others

Rating: PG16/NC17(Maybe)

Timeline: After Tears

Story Type: Drama/Romance

Disclaimer: I own
NOTHING. Even if I did, though it would make me happy, I would have no clue what to do it it, so I will continue to write, bending them all to my will because that is all we have while we wait for news of a 3rd season... That reminds me SAVE OUR SEEKER!!!!!

The rain pounded on them as they ran through the trees, rushing quickly to the dryness of the cave. Her hair stuck to her face as she pushed through the wind, her white dress, muddied and sticking to her legs as she pushed forward....

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