Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fantastic new update

Laura from the SOS campaign posted this on the forums this morning. It's wonderful news, and very inspiring - we are being noticed! Keep up your efforts folks, those tv peeps are seeing them all :)

"I just want to share some good news.

A freelance writer is writing an article about the SOS campaign and had a chance to speak with a lot of major networks. She says it's safe to say that we are definitely getting noticed and that network execs all mentioned that they take more notice of fans when they are proactive about getting the show out there. As soon as she publishes her articles, we'll post everywhere"

Link to Laura's post is here: http://forums.legendoftheseeker.org/showthread.php/3150-Inspirational-News-Interviews/page27


William Szegedi (Necros) said...

Great news!

And this is just as fantastic: http://twitter.com/AnyoneYouWant/status/20026305221 Tabrett Bethell won "Best Actress Award" at the Manhattan Film Festival!

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