Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Interview With Dayna Porter Chiplin

Read our exclusive interview with the very talented Ms Chiplin!

Click on the main pic to read in full size.


Kahlan said...

HI! Is there a way to have a bigger "image"? Thanks :D Take care

Hellsbells said...

Hi Kahlan, we are looking into it, thanks. Hope you like the interview!

sandimist said...

Great job everyone! Thanks Dayna for the words of encouragement too! WE WON'T GIVE UP! This show was too good to let go of & has too many wonderful people working hard to bring us such QUALITY work each and every week! It just got better and better! Battle on Seeker Babies!

derascal said...

Still here...still want new seasons of the Legend of the Seeker.. family still cares..
Great interview..thanks for sharing...let's hear soon everyone realizes how great this cast, crew and series is...SEASON 3 PLEASE!!

ras :)

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