Sunday, 1 August 2010

New SOS Fundraiser

The purpose of the new JBC campaign is to raise awareness of the SOS campaign and bring it to the forefront of the tv execs notice. To that end the Save Our Seeker team have a new fundraiser planned, in order to buy another ad in The Hollywood Reporter.

This is a crucial time, with the appointment of a new President at ABC, and the current chatter about a bidding war. We are getting ourselves noticed and this new ad will help to up the ante.

The team needs to raise $3,600 to buy the ad so come on Seekers, get donating! As an extra incentive, the team are offering rewards if you donate over a certain amount. They have fabulous items to choose from, from mugs to bags to Tshirts. All feature artwork from the talented Marlusrahl - if that doesn't get you donating I don't know what will!

Have a look at the post on LJ and choose which item you'd like to receive:


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