Monday, 9 August 2010

New campaign idea

A new campaign idea from the creators of the JBC - Seeker Devotion Campaign.

The idea is to rate or write a review of the show on the different critic sites to encourage viewers to give it a watch.

Review Aggregators & Databases
IMDb +*
Metacritic +
Rotten Tomatoes: Season 1 +, Season 2 +

Rental Sites
Blockbuster: Season 1 +, Season 2 +
Netflix: Season 1 +, Season 2


Amazon: Season 1, Season 2
Barnes & Noble: Season 1, Season 2
Best Buy: Season 1, Season 2 +
Walmart: Season 1, Season 2
Target: Season 1
Newegg (nerdy site, it's quite possible a lot of its traffic would be into fantasy): Season 1 +

Digital Download
iTunes: Season 1, Season 2

*Listings with a + are in need of improved ratings, or have no ratings at all.

This is a quick and easy way to promote the show and get people interested. Get rating Seekers!

One easy way to improve the star meter rating on IMDb is to click on the LotS page every day. If we all do that, it's rating will shoot up and people will start noticing!

See the original post by Visionhale here
Read my review of LotS here


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