Monday, 30 August 2010

Resistance - a fanfiction by a11kat

Resistance (part 1)

Richard smiled happily. Kahlan had her arms around his neck drawing him in for yet another kiss. He parted his mouth eagerly welcoming her in. The taste of her weakened his core. He melted into her embrace as they sank to the floor as one. Their kisses quickened deepening by the second as their clothes were tossed to the side. He traced his mouth down her jaw line as he sank into her. Suddenly their eyes connected in a shock like pain. Then it happened, her eyes went black. His heart stopped as he felt his soul being drained from him in an instant, and then it was over. He was gone. No longer the person he was. Kahlan screamed in horror as she quickly turned them over looking down at him.....


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