Saturday, 11 September 2010

Seeker Saved Sing-A-Long!

This is a Legend of the Seeker fan collaboration video with fans singing along to a parody remake of Baby by Justin Bieber.

The song was written and performed by the FOBs. Check the Out here:

Learn more about Legend of the Seeker:
Find out how to help save Legend of the Seeker from cancellation:

Many of the costumes in this video are actual costumes from the show including the ending dark confessor outfit, the two Mord'Sith costumes, the two D'haran soldier costumes, the Richard costume and the Jennsen costume.

The other costumes were made by the participants.
If you would like a sister of the light costume as seen in the video please contact LoreliLegend at
if you would like a stone of tears as seen in the video please email us at and will will get you into contact with Andre, the manufacturer of the stone.

Other shirts seen in the video are from:
The Save Our Seeker donation reward program:


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