Monday, 30 August 2010

Tandi Wright - Mord-sith Alina

Tandi Wright (born 1970) is a New Zealand television and film actress. From 1996-1999 she appeared as Nurse Caroline Buxton in Shortland Street. Other roles include Power Rangers: S.P.D., Crash Palace, Out of the Blue, Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby, The Lost Children, Black Sheep and Legend of the Seeker. In 2010, she plays the role of Callie, the wife of the main character, in This Is Not My Life. Wright will be appearing in the 2010 season of Outrageous Fortune as Mandy, Chery's sister.

Tandi Wright played the Mord-sith Alina.
Alina was a Mord-sith, who
along with Triana,
rebelled against Cara's authority. In the alternate

future she was one of the last surviving Mord-sith.


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