Monday, 2 August 2010

Tweet from Dayna!

@ProjectCould tweeted at Dayna asking if she had any inside information and if she thought the series would defeat cancellation. This was her response:

"@ProjectCould sorry no inside information, i dont think you should give up hope, personally yes i think it will but time will tell :)"

Dayna might not have inside info but she does think we will succeed - how awesome is that?!

Keep fighting Seekers, let's prove our favourite stuntie right

Link to the tweet is here:


Katy said...

It's great to know that Dayna is still hopeful! Knowing the cast and crew want to return to LOTS helps motivate me to continue the fight. :)

Hellsbells said...

It's very inspiring isn't it! Hopefully this news will keep the fans fighting

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