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The Ultimate Save Our Seeker guide

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Legend of the Seeker fans are a tough bunch. The Save Our Seeker crew has persevered amidst denial after denial by television networks; they refuse to sit down and hush, though they have been asked.

As part of the Seeker fandom, I feel it is my duty to share with you everything I know about what YOU can do to save this epic, magical adventure or even experience it for the first time.

Here you will find a collection of links that I have gathered for everyone's convenience. Feel welcome to share any links you find to be missing! - This is the first link you should be visiting in the quest for Legend of the Seeker season 3. As the official website of the Save Our Seeker camaign, this is where the fans have now raised $26,000 to bring the magic back to the Midlands. You'll also find information regarding the wonderful fan-made ad campaigns, which make Save Our Seeker far better at publicity than Tribune was with Seeker.

Save Our Seeker's Twitter page - Follow them! - The official website of Terry Goodkind, the author of the Sword of Truth novel series on which Legend of the Seeker is based. On this website you'll see news on the upcoming Richard and Kahlan novel and an endorsement for the Save Our Seeker campaign. If you're interested in showing your support through purchasing Goodkind's fantastic novels, has some great deals and is where I, personally, got all my Sword of Truth novels. - The official website of the show. - Here you'll find an awesome collection of Legend of the Seeker photos and a forum where you can chat with other fans and keep up-to-date on the latest updates regarding potential networks and tidbits from those in the know.

LOTSvideo's YouTube channel - A fun YouTube channel where you can see just how passionate and vast the worldwide audience for this show is. Here's a sample video set to the tune of a sweet little Seeker-inspired parody of "Hey There, Delilah":

Now, for those of you who haven't had the exquisite pleasure of discovering Legend of the Seeker, either because of inconsistent programming or because awful marketing prevented you from ever learning of its existence, WELCOME! Here are a few links to where you can begin your journey with Richard Cypher, Kahlan Amnell, Cara Mason and the rest of the gang.

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Hulu - Hulu has a few of the latest episodes of the show for those who don't mind SPOILERS.

Netflix - Netflix is a choice way to watch any show by many people, and they have BOTH seasons of Legend of the Seeker.

Otherwise, you can show your support for the renewal of Seeker by ordering the DVDs. DVD sales have been known to weigh heavily on a network's decision to pick up a show or not. Season 1 is available now, or you can pre-order season 2.

To say that I highly recommend Legend of the Seeker to any science fiction or fantasy TV fan would be the understatement of a lifetime. Major gratitude is in order for all those who have donated their time, money and efforts into saving the Seeker.

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