Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Update - keep fighting!

Seekers, whatever you may be thinking, don't give up the fight yet! We know that our campaign has reached the tv execs. We know it is making them sit up and think about LotS. The only thing we don't know is what they are thinking. Now is not the time to quit!
Our show is gaining new fans all the time and those new fans are finding their way to the campaign.

The FB group We want seasons 3,4,5...' has now reached 16,000 members. Its numbers are growing steadily EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every one of those members is a recruit for the campaign, an email to a studio, a letter to an exec. A donation to the cause.

We can win this war but not if people give up fighting. So keep at it folks and remember, the Seeker never gives up!

This is why we fight:


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