Saturday, 7 August 2010

Update - keep fighting!

If any of you have questioned what sort of impact our campaign is having, take a look at this post from classymissm on the LotS forum:

"I just wanted to share some feedback I got from a LOTS outsider who works in the marketing business, and to show you guys the impact our LOTSvideo projects are having. I was able to show the Pass It On videos to a woman who works for one of the top marketing firms in Houston. Her specialty is using social media to promote businesses, and so I showed her the Pass It On videos to get her feedback on ways to improve. In her email back to me she said was BLOWN AWAY! (that's literally how she typed it) and that it was very impressive (also how she typed it). She also said she hoped our show was saved.

So basically, a marketing professional who had never even heard of Legend of the Seeker watched Pass It On and now wants the show to be saved...powerful stuff when you think about it. This is the impact our fandom can have, let's milk it for all its worth!"

This so encouraging and really shows just how our campaign can affect people. So keep up your efforts folks, we know we're having an impact and if we keep it up, we can win!

See the original post here


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