Thursday, 30 September 2010

Bridget Regan Will Also Support the S2 DVD Drive

**Bridget Regan Will Also Support the S2 DVD Drive with Autographed DVDs**

More good news, plus some details about the autographed DVDs.

Bridget Regan is stepping in to help with the Season 2 DVD fundraising efforts by autographing some DVDs. Big 'thank you' to Bridget and her wonderful agency for supporting our cause!

Both Craig and Bridget will also sign the big poster ad we used at the Burbank bus shelter last July (photo), and that our Karen, from managed to retrieve.


Both Craig's and Bridget's autographed DVDs will be auctioned. We will also auction the autographed poster ad, and possibly other items. You will not be able "to purchase" the DVDs by donating a certain amount of money like we arranged with Terry Goodkind in the past as we may not have hundreds of DVDs.

Once the team has the signed items on hand, we will publish a catalog with the date & time the items will be up on eBay. We'll likely auction 3 items every week.

We will also have a couple of autographed DVDs set aside for a sweepstakes to allow everyone to participate and have equal chance to own one of these precious items. There will be no donation required to enter the sweepstakes. Just keep in mind that with about 3,000 members on this forum, and 18,000 in one of the Facebook communities, if each of us donates $1, we can buy a big billboard in proximity of a major freeway in Burbank to run for at least 5 months. Just an example of what we could do.

We'll publish the rules to enter the sweepstakes, so please stay tuned!

Thank you for your support and your patience.

p.s. Voting for the People's Choice Awards is free, so please keep on voting

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