Wednesday, 15 September 2010

When Bridget Regan is on screen people stops and watch

Delicious Bridget Regan Images from Legend of the Seeker

Bridget Regan is one of the stars of the syndicated TV show “Legend of the Seeker”. Now I’m not going to claim to be the biggest fan of the show, but I have run across it once or twice (or a half dozen times) on TV, and every single time when I see Bridget Regan on screen, I always stop and watch the whole thing. Apparently she plays some kind of wizard or witch or such on the show, but I’ve never seen a wizard or witch dress like THAT before. Now this is the kind of fantasy TV show I can get behind!


Nasmadie said...

Bridget doesn't play a wizard or a witch! She's a confessor...she plays The Mother Confessor Kahlan Amnell.
And...yep! when she's on can't stop watching! ;)

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