Within Temptation & LotS

Kahlan/Richard . Sparkling Angel

Richard & Kahlan - What Have You Done

Till The End - Richard/Kahlan

Legend of the seeker - kahlan amnell - stand my ground

Jillian - Legend of the Seeker

Legend of the Seeker - Hand of Sorrow

Legend Of The Seeker - What Have You Done


Darken Rahl: A Dangerous Mind

Cara/Dahlia - Angels

Never ending Seeker

Kahlan & Richard (Legend of the seeker) - Stand My Ground

Utopia- Richard/Kahlan (A Seeker needs his Confessor!!)

Richard & Kahlan - Timeless Love

Suffer In Silence Richard & Kahlan

Cara & Kahlan - Memories (HD)

Legend Of The Seeker - Kahlan Amnell - Last Confessor

Kahlan Amnell [It's The Fear] Character Study

Richard & Kahlan - Final Destination


Legend Of The Seeker- Kahlan Amnell- Stand My Ground

Kahlan/Richard - Memories

Legend Of The Seeker - The Last Time

[Legend of the Seeker] A Never Ending Story ~ Cast Tribute

Stand My Ground- Cara & Kahlan

Kahlan Amnell - Ice Queen

Legend Of The Seeker - Towards The End

Legend of the Seeker - Stand my ground

Dangerous Mind- Kahlan/Richard

Legend of the Seeker - Hand of Sorrow
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